Why Juicing has become a Strict Part of a Daily Routine?

Juice is a health trend that just won’t go away. Juices are now practically sold on every corner, and everyone from your spin instructor to your mom downs a glass of it daily. So why has juicing become a daily ritual?

Just so we clear, OJ is no longer considered as a healthy beverage and has fallen into the same category as fizzy drinks. The reason behind this is that a glass of this ‘part of a complete breakfast’ beverage contains 9 teaspoons of sugar, equivalent to a can of Coke and if drunk on daily biases increases risks of diabetes. 

Raw blended juices, on the other hand, made mainly of vegetables with a touch of fruit are enjoying their healthy image and this is for a very good reason. Our bodies have trouble eliminating things they never meant to process such as overconsumption of meat and dairy, refined flours, alcohol, industrial pollution, chemicals. Symptoms such as dull skin, weight gain, rapid aging, and disease are all a result of retained waste. A high concentration of vegetables in a juice aids with this elimination (the very reason they call it detox) whilst nourishing your cells with enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. If you choose to make juice your little daily ritual be prepared to experience symptoms such as an increase in energy, feeling of being uplifted, more focused and bright-eyed. 

As a society, we reached a different spectrum of what health is. We fully understand consequences of a poor diet along with stagnant lifestyle and are more than ever aware that the core of wellness is preventative care.

The answer is clear, it’s all about balance. Your should by all means enjoy ‘Cakes & Bubbles’ but do have a large green vegetable juice the following morning, followed by a powerful yoga flow. This will return you to feeling energised and uplifted.