How to Cleanse

Cleansing should be a mindful and meditative experience. You are actively investing in your health and wellbeing. You will get the most out if you don’t rush heedlessly in and out of the cleansing process. In other words, prepare well beforehand and ease yourself out of it gently afterwards. Here are some useful tips for optimising your cleanse.


The pre and post cleanse phases are just as important as the actual cleanse itself. Even if you just decide to go for a 1 day cleanse, your body will thank you if you carry out these simple steps:

  • COFFEE: If you are a coffee drinker switch to herbal teas or significantly reduce your caffeine intake before you start your cleanse. Caffeine withdrawal can be a tough process. Combine that with a juice fast and it might just be enough to break your resolve and turn you off cleansing. A juice cleanse is a fantastic opportunity to re-sensitise yourself to caffeine again, helping you to ease off your cravings and reset your body. Caffeine is also a diuretic, meaning it can be dehydrating. This is exactly what we don't want on a juice cleanse! Switch to green tea or, even better, hot water and lemon a day or two before you start your juice cleanse. 

  • FOOD: It’s common to see a juice cleanse as absolution for our food sins; a way to combat all the heavy and processed foods we ingest in one quick fix. This couldn’t be more wrong. Going straight from over-indulgence and rich foods one day to just drinking organic juices the next day is too much of a shock for your body and you won’t get the maximum cleansing benefits. Ease yourself in by switching to plant-based and easy to digest foods at least one day - ideally two days - before you begin. In the summer, this could mean light and fresh salads. In the winter, why not try warming veggie soups and stews?
  • FOCUS ON PLANTS: Putting plants at the centre of your plate, instead of animal products, will increase the eliminatory pressure of your cleanse and start to decrease the levels of inflammation in your body before you’ve even begun your juice cleanse. A plant-based diet is easier on the digestive system, one of the key areas which will benefit from a juice cleanse. 
Try to get lots of fruits and vegetables into your diet, healthy fats andlots of filtered water. 
  • LIFESTYLE: Prepare mentally by avoiding unnecessarily stressful situations - the same goes during your cleanse. And, need we mention it... alcohol. Alcohol consumption puts pressure on your liver, which is one of the main organs you’re trying to support with a juice cleanse, so avoid it at all costs pre, mid and post cleanse. 


  • EXERCISE: You might think that a hard core workout will increase the benefits of your cleanse, but remember that a juice cleanse contains drastically fewer calories than you are perhaps used to consuming. That’s why it is so soothing for your digestion. It also means that if you do an intense workout you are less likely to recover well. We want to increase your energy and vibrancy, not leave you tired and exhausted.
  • RELAX: Calming practices like yoga and meditation are ideal for during your cleanse. Gentle walks in nature where you can switch off and tune in to your body are ideal.
  • HYDRATE: It might sound silly because you’re drinking a lot of juice, but remember to hydrate with filtered water as it will improve your cleansing benefits. We provide either a fresh organic lemon or lime along with our cleanses. This is so you can make yourself a warm water with fresh lemon or lime juice in the morning. We also send ingredients for fresh teas - these are a fantastic addition to your juice cleanse. Our juice shots (link to shots) (ginger and turmeric), are great add ons to your cleanse. You can add them to water throughout the day to help flush toxins and make the cleanse more potent overall. 


  • FOOD: Just as you prepared for your cleanse, don’t take the end of your cleanse as an excuse to celebrate with a big slap up meal. Even if you’ve only cleansed for one day you should still respect your body and treat it gently. Salads, soups and plant-based foods are the way forward for a day or so post-cleanse. 
  • JUICE IS FOR LIFE: There’s no need to stop drinking your juices just because you’ve finished your cleanse. By including some potent green juices and booster shots into your daily routine you can boost your nutrients intake and maintain the vitality and newfound energy you will have gained from cleansing with
  • BE PROUD: You did it! A juice cleanse is as much a mental challenge as a physical one, and finishing it successfully can bring a huge sense of achievement and wellbeing. Feel proud and grateful to your body for the health it bestows on you and continue to treat it with love and care. 


An Intermittent Cleanse: lasting 24 hours, it may be repeated every few days, as often as you like. 

A Periodic Cleanse: lasting 2-3 days or longer, it may be repeated every 2 or more weeks, or as you like. 

During a Juice Cleanse, you are advised to drink around 2.5L - 3L of organic raw cold-pressed juice per day, herbal teas and plenty of water.