Why Cleanse?

Cleansing, detoxing and fasting are ancient practices imbedded in many cultures and health traditions around the world. In the West however, we’ve become accustomed to having ‘food on tap’. We’ve become disconnected with what it means to truly feel hunger.

We constantly overstimulate ourselves with carbohydrate rich foods that break down into sugars in our bodies and put us on a blood sugar rollercoaster.

Fatigue, exhaustion, poor digestion and sleep are just some of the manifestations of our current lifestyles. You can reverse these effects by doing a juice fast and resetting your body balance with Juice4Thought.

Cleansing with Juice4Thought is about getting back to basics, tuning into your body, resetting your blood sugar levels and cravings, and relearning how to make positive decisions based on what your body truly needs rather than what it craves.

In our humble opinion it’s not beneficial to do any old juice cleanse. To get the greatest results your cleanse needs to be 100% organic and contain functional and naturopathic ingredients that will optimise your body detoxification processes even further. 

To read more on why our cleanses are so radically different from the others, click here.


  • Helps remove waste materials and toxins from cells 

  • Stimulates immune system regeneration

  • Helps to reduce levels of insulin which facilitate fat burning 

  • Increases vitality and promotes longevity due to detoxification

  • Protects against diseases by reducing inflammation 


  • Increased energy levels 

  • Improved digestion 

  • Mental clarity 

  • Better sleep 

  • Healthier skin 

  • Stronger immune system 

  • Helps protect against ageing due to antioxidative effects